PIM, DAM and e-commerce solutions

Are you looking for a more efficient way to manage your product data? You’ve come to the right place! At Proplanet, we offer a highly efficient and user-friendly Product Information Management system. Our PIM comes with a large number of extensions and integrations, is fully ETIM, GS1 and UNSPSC ready, plus we offer full support from onboarding and training programs to data services and customer support. What’s more: we can help your business grow further by building your new e-commerce webshop!

How to increase ROI

with the Proplanet PIM

With a PIM, all your product information is collected and structured automatically before being held as a single source of truth. Implemented correctly, a PIM can help you greatly increase your ROI.

Reduced costs and improved efficiency

Because all your product information is stored centrally and distributed from one place, you don't need to edit your data across different systems. Data can be collected from data pools and other sources, reducing manual processes and therefore the need for multiple stock managers. You’ll see your team’s productivity and efficiency levels improving as soon as your PIM is set up.

Faster time-to-market

Keeping all product information centrally in a PIM, rather than fragmented across different formats and systems, makes it faster and easier to make products available to customers at the point of sale. With reduced times-to-market, your company could be the first to communicate new products, categories and brands and/or launch into new markets or territories – resulting in higher search engine rankings and a genuine competitive edge.

Reduced returns and improved satisfaction

Due to the enriched information provided at point of sale through our PIM, customers are more likely to select the right product, first time. This leads to fewer product returns and less wasted packaging, as well as fewer deliveries and collections, and in turn to higher customer satisfaction levels.

International growth and expansion

Our Proplanet PIM can handle multiple languages, currencies and geographical locations. This facilitates business growth and regional or global expansion, since you no longer need to create new products and categories or hold duplicate product data for different regions.

What does Proplanet offer

At Proplanet, we offer multiple solutions to help you maximise your business’ benefits. The key? Get your product data sorted! When your product data is up-to-date, accurate and complete, this will lead to huge savings in time, money and resources and, as a result, to increased productivity and efficiency levels. A PIM thus facilitates business growth and global expansion. Here’s how we can help you grow your business.

Product Information Management

The Proplanet PIM is a highly efficient and user-friendly Product Information Management solution. It supports a range of industry-recognized classification formats, including ETIM and GS1. With the Proplanet PIM, you can manage, classify, enrich and share product information all from one system. This facilitates digitalization, but also international expansion and business growth.

Digital Asset Management

The Proplanet DAM system integrates seamlessly with the Proplanet PIM to provide centralised storage and management of all the digital assets and media files you need to promote your products. These include images, videos, logo, banners, adverts, price lists, data sheets, manuals and so on. Our DAM allows you to easily browse through, retrieve, categorise and share your assets.

E-commerce solutions

We want to make it easy for your customers to find your product information online and to order the right products. So why not let us build you a bespoke and powerful ecommerce solution that integrates seamlessly with our PIM and DAM systems?

Project management

If investing in a PIM is part of a wider project to digitalise how you run your business, Proplanet are here to help. Your new Proplanet PIM will form the hub of a new suite of systems that work together to deliver high quality information to your customers in their preferred format. We can help you set up and manage the project of digitalising your business.

Consultancy & training

At Proplanet, we believe in not just offering a product. We strive to help you get the best of our PIM solution, by offering consultancy, help with onboarding, data collection services and trainings. We also set up our very own 'Proplanet Academy', where you will find many tutorials and courses on our Proplanet PIM system.

Why do YOU need a PIM?

Because you sell products!

Whether you’re a CEO, marketing manager or stock manager, whether you work at a manufacturer or a retailer: if you sell products, you will benefit from a modern PIM system. Let us tell you about your top 5 benefits.

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