Case Study – VIP Polymers

VIP Polymers is a renowned global manufacturer of high-quality rubber sealing products, catering to a diverse range of industries. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, after 100 years of trading VIP Polymers sought to enhance its data management processes and elevate operational efficiency.

The Challenge

Managing vast volumes of product data efficiently
Vip seals

VIP Polymers faced a common industry challenge: the need to manage vast volumes of product data efficiently while ensuring consistency and accuracy, specifically around the VIPSeal flexible couplings and adaptor ranges that the company manufactures and distributes through merchants both in the UK and worldwide.

The absence of standardized data storage formats and streamlined import and export routines led to time-consuming manual efforts, communication bottlenecks, and data discrepancies. Furthermore, as an international player, VIP Polymers required a solution that supported multiple languages and enabled effective digital asset management, including automatic URL generation.

The Solution

Proplanet PIM Integration

Recognizing the imperative for a comprehensive Product Information Management (PIM) solution, VIP Polymers partnered with Proplanet, a leading provider of PIM systems for manufacturers and wholesalers. The integration of the Proplanet PIM brought forth a range of transformative features and benefits tailored to VIP Polymers’ specific needs.

Standardized Data Transfer Formats (FAB-DIS)

Proplanet PIM facilitated the seamless utilisation of FAB-DIS (Fabricator Distribution Standard), a standardized data exchange format that is used prevalently throughout France. This alignment ensured consistent product data representation, enabling VIP Polymers to communicate seamlessly with partners and stakeholders across the supply chain.

Flexible Import and Export Routines

With Proplanet PIM, VIP Polymers gained the ability to configure flexible data import and export routines to enable different data feeds all from one location. Paired with Proplanet’s API the now automated and streamlined process of importing data from various sources and exporting it to partners, distributors, and customers, is resulting in reduced manual effort and enhanced accuracy.

Multilingual Data Storage

Given VIP Polymers' global presence, the PIM system supported data storage in multiple languages. This capability enabled the company to maintain accurate and consistent product information across diverse markets, bolstering communication and engagement with international partners.

Efficient Digital Asset Management with Automatic URL Generation

Proplanet's Digital Asset Management (DAM) feature provided VIP Polymers with a centralized repository for managing visual assets such as images, videos, and technical documents associated with the VIPSeal product range. Automatic URL generation simplified asset sharing, empowering the marketing team with streamlined content distribution.

"By automating data import/export and centralizing data storage, VIP Polymers realized significant time savings."

Conclusion: a succesful adoption of the Proplanet PIM

save time with proplanet pim

VIP Polymers’ successful adoption of the Proplanet PIM exemplifies how strategic integration of a robust PIM solution can revolutionize data management and operational efficiency. By leveraging standardized data storage formats, flexible import/export routines, multilingual support, and digital asset management with automatic URL generation, VIP Polymers has not only achieved impressive time savings but also streamlined collaboration and enhanced its competitive edge in the global arena. This case underscores the transformative potential of tailored PIM solutions in meeting industry-specific challenges and driving sustained growth and success.

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