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Find out what's new in the latest Proplanet release

Proplanet Change Log

Overview of the latest updates

At Proplanet, we strive to continuously optimise our Product Information Management system. That is why we release new versions of our PIM system from time to time. Here you can read what’s new in the latest updates.

Proplanet version "TackleBerry"

15 November, 2022

EezyBridge migration phase 1
Preparations to fully integrate the Proplanet DAM (EezyBridge) with the Proplanet PIM (DataProcessor) have started, during the first phase there are no visible changes. 
The technical operation has been adjusted so that the Proplanet PIM and DAM systems are more compatible in preparation for the next phase.

Proplanet version "Laverne"

1 July, 2022

The newest version BMECat 5.0 is available
Proplanet now also supports the latest BMECat version. This wizard works the same as version 4.0.3 however there are more fields available for import and export. If you have set up your own mapping for version 4.0.3, you need to also create them for version 5.0, as these will not be adopted.


Various import tiles improved in Proplanet PIM

  • For more control over which media to load during an import, deactivate media types in the master tables section.
  • Option added do not create products with flexible mapping.
  • As with the BMECat, DICO now also supports the management of linked relations during import.


Proplanet DAM API and filtering renewed
The Proplanet DAM (Eezybridge) API has been updated, the webp format can now be enabled per API key. This is a faster and more compact way of displaying images. This format also supports cache which greatly improves the responsiveness of the API, but it does take up extra disk space.
Filtering has been improved and you can now use minimum and maximum dimensions for image searches.


Automatic update new module 2ba API
You can add the new module 2ba API to your subscription. With this module it is possible to update a part of your product assortment from 2BA. This is ideal for wholesalers. Please contact us to purchase this module.

Proplanet version "Harris"

25 February, 2022

Next phase of new way of importing
In the previous versions of the Proplanet PIM importing in the background has been added. This new way of importing gives you more control over the import. However, the process of continuing via e-mail is perceived as cumbersome and we have therefore developed a hybrid solution. Importing in the background is now default but you continue directly and follow the entire process.


DICO export improved for a large number of articles
The export of a DICO file has now been improved for wholesalers and agencies. It is now possible to export only product or article and price data. As a wholesaler to deliver to 2BA, it is sufficient to deliver only item and price data. Watch the short instruction video to see how this works.


Performance and small improvements

  • To improve speed, import actions are queued and executed sequentially. Importing large files has been accelerated.
  • The creation and mutation dates are now visible and can be used as a filter in Proplanet.
  • The Raw2ETIM module is available as BETA version, please contact Proplanet when you wish to use this.

Proplanet version "Jones"

26 November, 2021

Intuitive filtering
Filtering in Proplanet has got some clever improvements. It may be slightly different from what you are used to. When you now filter via the grey bar, a % sign is added at the end. The % sign is a wildcard, which means that in this case you are going to filter on everything that starts with the entered value. In the old way, the filter always searched for everything containing the entered value. You can now enter multiple search options via the bar, for which the _ and % are available. Follow the introduction video for an extensive explanation of the possibilities.


Options & accessories
When you use the options & accessories, you can now also define the type of link. By indicating whether it is a spare part, comparable product, accessory, etc., you give more information about the link between the main product and the subproduct.


Small additions

  • When managing a mapping, you now have the option to sort the fields, but make sure that you fill in the required fields first before sorting.
  • The classification module now suggests a code when adding a new class, characteristic or value. This also takes into account the used prefixes.
  • When a product is not fully classified, the article number manufacturer code is displayed in red on the classification screen.