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Implementing a (new) PIM system requires a lot of work and technical effort. We know. That is why we always help you getting started.

Getting started with the Proplanet PIM

Our team is ready to help you setting up your e-commerce system

Whether you’re a manufacturer, wholesaler, merchant or distributor, you’ll doubtless have your own individual set of implementation and onboarding requirements for your new Proplanet PIM solution and your chosen extensions.

Your dedicated Proplanet consultant will oversee the technical implementation from start to finish. They’ll also help you and your staff manage other aspects of the process, such as integrations with your back office systems, ERP system and Data Pools. We can also provide ongoing support and training as you start to use your new PIM solution, to help you get to grips with how everything works.

If your PIM is part of a wider digital transformation project, Proplanet can help manage and implement all of this through our dedicated Project Management service.

The onboarding process

The Proplanet PIM onboarding process

The 5 steps in our PIM onboarding process

Our expert consultants will work with you at every stage to complete the onboarding process to the agreed timelines. It’s our goal to fast-track your business to be “omnichannel-ready,” so you can take advantage of new online sales channels as soon as possible.

In this first step, we will schedule a phonecall with you to discuss your needs and desires. We would like to know whether you’re a manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer or buying group, to better understand your goals. Furthermore, we will discuss your reasons to invest in a PIM system. Next, we will plan an introductory meeting, either via Teams, at our head offices, or any other location.

Before the introductory meeting takes place, we collect some demo data from you. You can supply us your data in any desired format. Using this data, we set up a demo of our PIM with your own, actual data, so that you get a better idea of what our software can do for you.

During the meeting, we will discuss the different export formats and classifications our Proplanet PIM can support, such as BMECAT, Datanorm, ETIM, GS1, UNSPNC and others. We collect information on how your data is currently collected and distributed, and where you need to export your data to. We investigate which systems you currently use that need to be integrated, such as ERP systems, webportals or data pools.

We will schedule a follow-up meeting to address all questions that may arise after the introductory meeting.

A Proplanet consultant will meet with you to create a schematic overview of all data flows within your company. We need to create a mapping contract for each separate data flow. For all fields containing data that needs to be exchanged, we determine whether new or updated data should be ignored, overwrite existing data or be added to existing data.

Based on these decisions, we will configure import and export routines. These can be based on industry standard formats such as BMECat, DICO, FABDIS or GS1. If desired, you can configure your own data format, or ask us to do this for you. You can also set up a new format in excel, csv or xml.

When we have set up the data flow, we will verify whether it complies with your desires. For instance, if you need to export your data to 2ba, we can check whether the information is shown correctly in 2ba.
If you need to export your data to standardized formats such as BMECat or DICO, we can validate that your data complies with these industry standard.

Now that your PIM has been set up, it’s time to introduce your new Product Information Management system to your company. We always provide an introductory training to familiarize your employees with the new software. We can either do this via Teams or on location.

We will introduce different modules within the Proplanet PIM, including Data Classification, Managing Product Information and Importing and Exporting data. If desired, we can treat any other topic. We can record the training session, so that you and your employees can review it via our training platform, the Proplanet Academy.

After the introductory training, we can plan more training sessions dedicated to specific subjects, or a session with our consultant to discuss your needs and desires in more detail.

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