Project management

Unleash the power of digital transformation

If investing in a PIM is part of a wider project to digitalise how you run your business, Proplanet are here to help. Your new Proplanet PIM will form the hub of a new suite of systems that work together to deliver high quality information to your customers in their preferred format.

By adopting digitalisation, you can take advantage of selling your products through a variety of distribution channels.

Sell through these distribution channels

Webshops (B2C and B2B)

On- and offline catalogues and flip-books

Data feeds and data pools

Third party online vendors

Dedicated mobile apps

Our dedicated project manager will guide you through the entire process of digital transformation.

Proplanet - The Digital Transformation Process

Digitalisation: a springboard for growth

Let us help you digitalise your business

Bringing your business into the digital age doesn’t just open up access to new platforms, channels and audiences. It also makes it fast and easy to pivot your business in response to market demands and opportunities. For example, you might want to start selling to B2B or B2C customers if you currently only serve one of these audiences. Or you might want to launch your products into new markets, regions or territories.

Your Proplanet PIM, along with the support of our expert team, will be key to paving the way for growth as you digitalise your business and take advantage of new opportunities. Your product information will be centralised, formatted, accurate and up to date – and ever-ready for deployment to new platforms.

With decades of project management experience behind us, our team can help you plan and implement your digital transformation or expansion project to ensure maximum success.

Let's get started!

Proplanet PIM System