Export your product data

So you’ve got all your data collected, cleansed and enriched in your PIM. What’s next is exporting your data, to ensure your product information is shown accurately, completely and up-to-date across all channels.

Multiple ways to export your data

You might want to export the product data stored in your PIM to various shopping and promotional channels, social media, backoffice channels, ERP systems, datapools, data feeds, xml or csv files, or to your on- or offline catalogue. At Proplanet, we offer many solutions to do just that!


At Proplanet, all our systems are offered as Software as a Service (SaaS). This means that they’re cloud-based rather than being installed on traditional servers as desktop applications. One of the key benefits of our SaaS approach is the ability to connect our PIM and DAM solutions to a wide range of new and existing systems and platforms through APIs.

Export formats

The Proplanet PIM enables you to export your data in a variety of formats and to a range of destinations. You can customise your products to export in different formats to suit the needs of different sales channels, customer groups and industry requirements. All leading import and export formats are included as standard.

Product syndication

Product syndication simply means exporting the clean, accurate and enriched data stored in your Proplanet PIM to all your preferred shopping, promotional and social media channels, such as Google Shopping, Amazon, Facebook and Instagram. This enables the fast and easy implementation of a multichannel or omnichannel marketing strategy, based around your company’s individual business goals and objectives.


Proplanet wants to make life easier for our clients. So we partner with product catalogue experts, Channel Studios, to create the Autopub & Print module. This enables product data to be categorised into a tree structure so it can then be used to produce online or print catalogues, either using an industry-standard classification model such as ETIM or GS1, or in line with your own company preferences.

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