ETIM-MC (Modelling Class)

Generic 3D information

The ETIM-MC (Modelling Class) extension adds consistent 3D information on electrical and mechanical installations to the basic ETIM model. Construction companies using for instance BIM (Building Information Modelling) can take the information provided by ETIM-MC and transfer it to CAD-software to create 3D representations of products for their customers.

A recognised international standard

The ETIM-classificaties ensures that products for the electrotechnical, HVAC and building industries are described following a predefined set of productdata and specifications. Because ETIM is used more and more widely, there was an increasing demand for specific data requirements to enable the data to be used to create 3D-objects, for instance in CAD-software. To use productdata to create technical drawings, you will need BIM/3D-data such as dimensions of materials and attributes such as PortCode, Dimensional Drawing Code and UnitCodeVariableAxis. These geometrical specs together form the ETIM-MC classification. If you combine this data with specific manufacturer data, you can generate a manufacturer-specific 3D-object.

An advantage of using ETIM-MC instead of (for instance) the BIM-format, is that ETIM-MC is a generic standard. This means that using ETIM-MC data you can draw a 3D-object in different variaties, even if you don’t have the specific manufacturers’ data. The same data can be used in your webshop or product catalogue. Since ETIM-MC is an internationally recognised data standard, the data can easily be transferred throughout the supply chain and all over the world.

Benefits of the ETIM-MC Program

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