About Proplanet

Proplanet is a leading IT company in the field of data solutions, Product Information Management (PIM) and e-commerce solutions.

A solid and reliable software partner

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Founded in 2000, Proplanet has a mission to help manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to purposefully communicate their assortment to customers by means of an efficient and user-friendly PIM solution: our DataProcessor. Our knowledge and experience in the field of data solutions and search processes makes Proplanet your ideal partner for Product Information Management Systems, Digital Asset Management (EezyBridge) and e-commerce solutions.

Good control over your assortment is your core business, software development is not. When you outsource the software development around your product range, you want a partner that allows you to switch quickly and understand what you are talking about. We invest in our relationships and have proven to be a solid and reliable partner.

Co-founders of ETIM

Used by manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and more, ETIM provides a single and true product information record from a single source, to every link in the supply chain. ETIM classifies products based on product characteristics and is the standard in the construction and installation branches for exchanging article data. The ETIM system was co-founded by Proplanet in 1999.

Consistent product information
Supply chain integrity
Increased control over data
Facilitates omnichannel marketing
International standard for seamless expansion