The BMF’s Product Data Template

Using an industry approved data classification is a good way to ensure your product data is structured correctly. That’s why the Builders Merchants Federation (BMF), in collaboration with a working group of their merchant, manufacturer and service provider members, has developed a solution to address the lack of data efficiency within the industry.

Improved consistency, accuracy and reliability

Product data flow bmf data standard

Manufacturers, wholesalers, merchants, and customers all benefit from good quality data. The BMF’s product data template aims to improve data consistency, accuracy, reliability, and structure throughout the supply chain – all of which saves time and resources. Greater supply chain collaboration and a more reliable flow of product data also supports expanding legislative considerations and can facilitate automated processes.

Proplanet can help!

Let us help you manage your ETIM product data

The Proplanet data specialists, alongside our Product Information Management (PIM) system, can help you to structure and classify your data according to the BMF industry product data standardisation template. This means you can import and export data as per the latest template release, and easily exchange product information throughout the supply chain, including buying groups such as NMBS, NBG, H&B and IBC.

The newly formatted data in your PIM can then be used for an Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP), to drive your e-commerce or web platforms, and to produce printed or digital catalogues, product information sheets and more.

Efficiently managing your product data

With the help of a BMF consultation partner
Manage product data with Proplanet PIM and the BMF data standard

As part of BMF’s Consultation Partners for the initiative, Proplanet are ideally placed to support you on your journey to structure your data according to the BMF data standard template.

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