Data services

Your data may currently be held in an ERP, CRM or CMS system, in Excel sheets, PDF’s or a combination of any of these. Not to worry: we are here to help you collect, configure and migrate the data to the Proplanet PIM!

Data collection, configuration and migration

Collecting and cleansing your product data

In terms of existing product data, all our clients have a different set-up when we start working with them. Product information might be held in an ERP, in a CRM or CMS system, on Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, Word documents, text files, or on a stock control system – or a combination of any or all of these!

In most cases, therefore, we’ll need to carry out a thorough data cleansing and normalising process before we can migrate the newly-cleaned and accurate data into your Proplanet PIM. So, if your data is in a poor state when we start working with you, don’t worry.

We’ll collate all relevant information (discarding outdated or unnecessary data) and clean it up before configuring it to your specifications and importing it into the PIM. If you’ve decided to restructure your information using one of the industry-standard product data classification systems supported by Proplanet, such as ETIM or GS1, our expert team will be pleased to set this up for you.

The data import process

The Proplanet PIM Data import flow

Testing and migrating data

The import process might be done all at once or in stages, depending on how many products you have. Before going ahead with the full migration, we’ll test your PIM with a small number of products to make sure the information is compatible.

Need help collecting your data?