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Getting your new PIM system and its extensions up and running is just the beginning. The expert team at Proplanet will be on hand to provide technical support should any issues arise as well as practical advice, support and training.

Technical support

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All our clients are provided with a Service Level Agreement (SLA), which sets out the support and services we’ll provide, along with timescales and other necessary details.

As a Proplanet customer using any of our systems, you’ll have access to our helpdesk for assistance with any technical issues. We offer live help via Teams or Teamviewer so we can log into your PIM and help you resolve a problem, or explain how a feature works, whilst we’re both looking at the same screen.

If there’s an issue that can’t be resolved in this way, we’ll guarantee to fix the problem within the timescales set out in your SLA. We’ll keep you informed with progress updates throughout the resolution process.

All questions are registered in our ticketing system, so that you can always view the status of your question and your contact history.

Longer-term technical support

Technical support and development

Our longer-term support service includes regular updates, bug fixes and security patches to keep your software secure and working at maximum capacity. This is included in the commercial licence when you purchase a Proplanet PIM and will be covered in your SLA.

Consult our Change Log to view all recent changes in our PIM and DAM software.

Training and consultancy

Customised training for your employees

Our flexible training and consultancy services can be customised to help your business overcome its unique product and data management challenges. We’ll take the time to understand your business objectives, so we can tailor our services accordingly.

With decades of experience and expertise behind us, our consultants are perfectly placed to support individuals and teams on a wide range of topics, from PIM and DAM best practices to creating a roadmap to meet your strategic digitalisation goals. Our training and consultancy services can be provided online, or in person at your premises or a suitable venue. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

For in-depth training across a wide selection of topics, you’ll also have exclusive access to the Proplanet Academy. This offers a range of online software-focused courses on a monthly subscription basis. Free trials are available.

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