Our partners

We closely work together with developers and managers of different file and classification standards, datapools, marketplaces and service and implementation partners. Below you will find an overview of our partners.

Knowledge partners  
EDA (UK) The EDA is the trade association for electrical wholesale distributors in the UK. They offer the EDATA data pool, an industry-owned resource of high quality, ecommerce-friendly, manufacturers’ product data for Electrical Wholesalers to use in their web sites and digital business processes.
DDS (US) DDS (Distributor Data Solutions) is a content provider for wholesalers and distributors. They offer a datapool with product content for e-commerce in a large number of industries.
UNSPSC UNSPSC is a global classification structure, encompassing a five-level hierarchical classification codeset, which enables expenditure analysis at grouping levels relevant to your needs.
ODMS One Maritime Data Standard One Maritime Data Standard (OMDS) is the new standard for unified recording and electronic exchange of product and trade data for the Dutch maritime sector. OMDS focuses on reducing the cost of supply chain management and increasing speed and efficiency within the maritime industry.
Ketenstandaard Ketenstandaard develops and manages standards for all phases of the construction process. As an independent organisation, Ketenstandaard collaborates with partners and participants in the construction and technical sectors.
BIM-loket BIM Loket stimulates using BIM in the Dutch construction and infrastructure sectors, by encouraging the use of open BIM-standards. BIM Loket partly monitors these standards themselves, working closely together with their partners.
GS1 GS1 is a worldwide organisation aimed at developping a standard product identifier and standardised electronic communication between organisations, focused on the B2C retail. GS1 proposes a number of codes, such as GTIN, EAN and UPC codes and 2D barcodes, but also the Global Product Classification (GPC) system.
EDATA EDATA is an industry-owned resource of high quality, ecommerce-friendly, manufacturers’ product data for Electrical Wholesalers to use in their web sites and digital business processes.
Trimble LUCKINSlive LUCKINSlive includes details of over 1 million individual items from hundreds of Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing manufacturers.
Trimble Connect Trimble Connect ensures that the data you use for creating technical drawings, 2D and 3D designs, and construction processes is always accurate and up-to-date.
2ba At 2BA, you will find millions of technical products in one single central database. This ensures that the entire technical supply chain always has access to up-to-date product and trade information.
Installdata InstallData contains current product and article data from participating producers in the installation sector. The product data is classified according to ETIM and is provided with technical characteristics and digital assets where possible.
UOB The UOB offers engineers, technical service providers and subcontractors the possibility to collaborate based on one single standard: structured data compliant with ETIM and ETIM-MC classifications. The open standard ensures that 3D-models are really exchangeable between the different parties in the chain, despite the use of different CAD-applications.
ARGE Neue Medien The ARGE Neue Medien is an alliance of more than 100 brand manufacturers from the HVAC industry. For its member companies, it organizes the quality management of product data as well as the standardization of data standards and formats.
Service providers  
Channel Studios At Channel Studios we work with businesses who have thousands of different products, who publish product catalogues and where good management of product information is crucial. Using the product data in our Dataprocessor and the AutoPub plugin, Channel Studios can easily produce your new product catalogue.
Positive Digits Positive Digits is an online performance agency which helps you get the maximum yield out of your website using innovative marketing techniques, both short and long term.
Proplanet PIM System