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Create BIM models with ETIM MC data

Advancing the (Electrotechnical) Industry: Leveraging ETIM-MC and 3D Models for Unprecedented Benefits

The marriage of ETIM Modelling Classes and 3D models is a transformative step forward for the electrotechnical industry. From precise product classification and efficient collaboration to streamlined design processes and global market access, the benefits are undeniable.

Proplanet data services

Data Services: Unlock the full potential of your PIM solution

In today's data-driven business landscape, quality information is paramount for success. Companies rely on accurate, up-to-date, well-structured data to make informed decisions, provide excellent customer experiences, and gain a competitive edge. Enter Proplanet Data Services, a game-changing service that promises to revolutionise company business operations.

How a catalogue contributes to your ecommerce business

Printed and e-catalogues: the most cost-effective boost for eCommerce?

A catalogue was once the shop window for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Since online marketing has become widely adopted for both B2B and B2C businesses, the number of companies choosing to publish printed catalogues for their product sales has declined. But does a market still exist for printed catalogues?

How to manage a larger number of skus in a pim

What’s the best way to manage 1 million SKUs?

The more SKUs you offer, the harder it gets to manage them all. From providing detailed information about each product’s features to making sure the pricing and technical specifications are spot-on, at some point it will become impossible to manage your ranges manually. So, what’s the answer to a fast-growing assortment of products?

How to classify your data using ETIM

How to improve online sales with the ETIM Data Model

If you are looking to structure your product data there are data classifications that can be used such as ETIM UK Ltd, which is the international data model for the standardisation and classification of technical product data. Using a PIM that supports ETIM data, you can greatly improve your online sales and reduce returns.

Introducing the Code of Construction Product Information

Be prepared for the Code of Construction Product Information (CCPI)

With the delayed introduction of the CCPI to early 2022 many building manufacturers will now be looking at the requirements for this new construction product information regulation and for systems to manage the additional product information that will be created to comply with CCPI.

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