Data dashboards

A data dashboards provides you insights in the completeness and quality of your product data at a single glance.

An overview of your product data

Proplanet Data dashboards

To help you gain more insights in the quality of your product data in the Proplanet PIM system, we offer a new service: designing and providing Data Dashboards.

Using data dashboards you can easily obtain information about how many important products specification fields or ETIM-fields are missing, how many products have associated images and other assets and in which countries your products are produced, for instance. But these dashboards can also show you other data from your PIM system.

Design the data dashboards as you want

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The data dashboard provides you with a clear overview of the current status of your product data. You determine what data is represented in the dashboard. Our consultants can show you the possibilities and discuss your wishes and demands in a free consultation. After this consult, we will develop a more detailed plan for you. We can even include data from outside the Proplanet PIM system. This will help you gain insights in the completeness and quality of your product data. Moreover, our data dashboards are a tool to present the quality of your company’s product information to your coworkers, which will allow them to quickly take desired actions.

Why do I need a data dashboard?

Manage your productdata with Proplanet

If you supply data to a data pool such as EDATA, there will be specific data requirements. A data dashboard allows you to quickly see if the data you are supplying complies with the requirements of a specific data pool and if there’s no essential information missing. This prevents unwanted surprises after uploading the data and helps to avoid additional work such as manually identifying missing information. What’s more, a data dashboard can give recommendations about how to improve or complete data in order to comply with data pool requirements.

Examples of data dashboards

A data dashboard can hold multiple pages with a number of overviews on each page. The data in the dashboards can be filtered by brand, country of origin or other data.

Summary overview

The summary page can show you a score per field category (a group of similar fields). The score is determined by giving each field a predetermined weight factor. This allows you to quickly catch which field categories have a lot of missing information, for instance the general product information, logistics information or price information.
Data dashboard overview

Overview with scores and improvements
Quality score per brand
Number of products with missing fields
Number of products with missing data per category
Filter by brand or category

Products overview

In the products overview, you get an overview of the product information per field. You can see the total score per selected field and the total score per field of the products you selected.


Data dashboard products overview

Quality score per product field
Number of completed fields per brand
Number of products with missing information per field
Filter by brand or product status

ETIM Class

When you use ETIM classification, it is essential that you complete all ETIM fields accurately. The ETIM Class dashboard shows you which ETIM classes, properties or values have been added or suppressed.


Data dashboard ETIM overview

Number of products per ETIM class
Number of products with missing ETIM fields
Overview completed ETIM fields per brand
Overview added and suppressed ETIM classes
Filter by brand, suppressed classes and added classes

More information on data dashboards?

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