ETIM & the Proplanet PIM

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As co-founders of the ETIM classification model, Proplanet naturally continues to promote and advocate the ETIM standards for product information classification and formatting. As you’d expect, the Proplanet PIM is designed to fully support ETIM and ETIM Dynamic, including the ETIM MC extension, plus several other leading classification models.

The advantages of a Proplanet PIM for ETIM classification

It’s important to note that not all PIM providers support ETIM. The Proplanet PIM solution is specially configured and designed to facilitate the efficient maintenance, enrichment and distribution of ETIM data. It’s the fastest way to enrich your product information with all the required ETIM class types, features and values, whilst providing a 360° overview of your ETIM-enriched data. Our PIM solution furthermore supports ETIM Dynamic, which means you will always have access to the latest version of ETIM.

With multi-language capabilities, the Proplanet PIM is also the ideal choice for international businesses and those looking to enter new markets.

The Proplanet PIM is pre-configured to work with ETIM
ETIM Dynamic: Automatic updates with new ETIM releases
Ability to manage all types of product data, e.g. master data, asset links, BIM information etc
Flexible data export options, e.g. BMECat, IceCat etc

Getting started with ETIM and Proplanet

The Proplanet PIM is ETIM-ready and easy to use for all industry sectors. Even if your data is spread across multiple formats such as Excel, PDFs, a CRM and so on, Proplanet’s Data Services solution provides support for your data to be cleansed and restructured to ETIM standards before being uploaded to your PIM.

Here’s what we can help you with!

Managing ETIM classes
Mapping data to ETIM class types
Managing ETIM features & exporting ETIM data
Reviews of ETIM class types by ETIM International through working groups
Setting up ETIM, ETIM Dynamic and ETIM-MC models
Submitting new ETIM classes for inclusion in the ETIM model.

The 5 steps to ETIM readiness

PIM Steps to etim readiness

Are you ETIM-ready?

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