What is ETIM Dynamic?

ETIM Dynamic has been developed to ensure that you can easily keep your ETIM classification model up to date. Using ETIM Dynamic, you will always have access to the latest version of ETIM.

Co-founders of ETIM

The ETIM Data classification model

Proplanet co-founded ETIM (European Technical Information Model) over 20 years ago and continues to support ETIM as the model evolves, with the ETIM classification model built into the core of the Proplanet PIM.

ETIM is a classification model that categorises technical products in classes of related products and describes them in detail using standardised features and values. Classifying products provides consistent product information throughout the Electrotechnical and Construction industry. ETIM is developed in close cooperation with Electrotechnical, HVAC, Plumbing and Building sectors. This means that you as a user can also contribute to ETIM.

About ETIM versions

everyone contributes to etim

There are several ETIM model versions, from version 5.0 to the latest version ETIM 9.0. Businesses using outdated versions of ETIM could be using an incorrect classification, leading to additional work to improve product information and making it harder for customers to find the right product on e-commerce and webshop platforms.

As a member of ETIM, you can suggest new classes from different classification groups to be added to be applied to the ETIM model if you think something’s missing for your sector. Proposed ETIM classes are released after approval by ETIM and will immediately be implemented in the next major ETIM release. If you want access sooner, you can adopt ETIM Dynamic for immediate access.

What is ETIM Dynamic?

Always keep your ETIM classification up-to-date
ETIM Dynamic update scheduler

The best way to keep your ETIM classification model up to date is to use ETIM Dynamic. Using ETIM Dynamic you will always have access to the latest version of ETIM, offering additional features that can enhance product information and make it easier for customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Using the Proplanet PIM, you can use your preferred version of ETIM, upgrade to ETIM 9.0 or opt to use ETIM Dynamic. To use ETIM Dynamic, you only need an API call to upgrade to the latest version of ETIM, which provides access to the latest classes, features, and values as soon as they are released. Using the API ETIM Dynamic feeds enables improved and accurate product classification.

In the Proplanet PIM software, you can schedule ETIM Dynamic updates daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. As a user, you have complete control over when you want to update and convert to the latest ETIM classification version.

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