6 reasons why you should invest in a PIM system

A PIM system is an invaluable asset for any B2B or B2C business that sells a range of products online, offline or both. PIMs are used by manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers to import, manage, enrich and share product information throughout the supply chain.

Listed on the right are some key pointers that your company should invest in a modern PIM system like the Proplanet PIM.

The beauty of systems like the Proplanet PIM is that they bring all your product data together in one place, where it can be accessed and managed centrally from any location. Product data changes can be made in real-time, keeping data clean and up to date. PIM systems also facilitate business growth and regional or global expansion, as they can handle multiple geographical locations, currencies and languages.

You have multiple or complex product ranges
Your product portfolio evolves or changes frequently
You want the ability to quickly add new sales channels
Your business has a strong focus on online sales and/or omnichannel marketing
Your product data is currently decentralised and hard to manage (e.g. it’s held in different locations, computer systems and/or software and file types)
You’re planning on expanding your business into new countries or regions

Saving money and resources with a PIM

Business benefits of a PIM

Investing in a PIM system will make a huge difference to efficiency, productivity and data accuracy within your organisation. In turn, this could have a significant impact on your customer satisfaction levels and, ultimately, on your bottom line. That surely beats sticking with your old Excel spreadsheets!

How PIMs are used

The way that a PIM system is used, and the benefits it brings, vary according to business type, job role and team or department. Whether you’re a CEO, marketing manager or stock manager, whether you work at a manufacturer or a retailer: explore why you will benefit from a modern PIM system.


Manufacturers sell their products in many different ways: online through webshops and third party channels, through wholesalers and distributors, through buying groups and retailers, and directly to the public. Whichever route(s) to market best suit your business, as a manufacturer you want the right product data to be communicated to all your customers – and fast! The Proplanet PIM can help you achieve your goals.

Wholesalers & Retailers

Wholesalers, distributor, retailers and buying groups deal with a large number of products from different manufacturers. Product assortments are constantly changing, with seasonal variations, updates and enhancements constantly entering the market. Therefore, the ability to gain a complete overview of all available products, compare similar lines to find the best deal and get selected products on the market fast are all critical considerations. Here's how a PIM can help.

CEO's & CFO's

At C-suite level, the need for a PIM system is less about day to day operations and more about planning ahead to help the organisation achieve its goals and vision for the future. Naturally, return on investment (ROI) is a critical consideration – a PIM can help boost a company's ROI and justify its own implementation.

Sales & Marketing

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s more important than ever to provide customers with detailed and accurate product data across all sales and marketing channels. Equally, it’s essential for product launches, changes, updates and withdrawals to be actioned quickly and efficiently. Without a PIM, these tasks become both complicated and risky.

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