GLDF – Global Lighting Data Format

Uniform, extensive data format for the lighting industry

The GLDF data format is the new standard for fixtures and sensors. The format has a modular setup, which makes it possitble to include a huge amount of specifications and model information. The standard format allows you to easily exchange information with the best known light calculation sofware.

GLDF for Relux and DIALux

Met de GLDF data standaard kan data geëxporteerd worden naar relux en dialux

Softwarepackages such the ones offered by Relux and DIALux allow you to simulate lighting setups. The software quickly and efficiently calculates the light output of several sources, based on product data. To obtain realistic simulations, it is crucial that the data is complete and can be read by the software. The GLDF (Global Lighting Data Format) standard has been developed to ensure that the software of (among others) Relux and DIALux have access to all required product data.

The Proplanet PIM system supports the GLDF data standard. This means that data can be exported from the PIM system to the software packages of Relux and DIALux, and that this data meets the demands of the software.

How to create a GLDF file?

Our consultants can help!
De GLDF Datastandaard wordt ondersteund door het Proplanet PIM systeem

The GLDF format has not yet been built in in the Proplanet PIM system. That is why our consultants will help you configure this format. Together with one of our employees you will validate the necessary product information and supplement this information when needed. The Proplanet PIM system can then generate a GLDF-file for every single product. You can export these files and make them available for Relux, DIALux or an installation engineer.

Want to know more about the GLDF standard?

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