PIM for buying groups

Why do buying groups need a PIM system?

Buying groups benefit their members by using their bulk purchasing power to source products at competitive prices. A top priority for these organisations is the ability to quickly and easily collect large volumes of product information from all the manufacturers they work with and share it with their members.

Top 5 benefits of a PIM for buying groups

Implementing a PIM system will make the process of collecting and sharing data faster and more efficient for members and suppliers alike. At the same time, data quality and consistency is improved. This will lead to, amongst others, these 5 benefits of using a PIM for buying groups.

Without a PIM system, it’s difficult to efficiently share and distribute product data to individual members of a buying group. Solutions such as the Proplanet PIM enable buying groups to hold all their product data centrally, with the ability to distribute consistent, high quality information to their members in real-time. Members can even be given their own access privileges. This avoids the cost and effort traditionally associated with manual distribution methods such as emailing product catalogues.

Thanks to open-API technology, a PIM system can be configured to integrate with each member’s back office systems, such as inventory management and POS. Accurate data can be automatically loaded from the central hub controlled by the buying group, reducing errors with ordering, stock control and invoicing, whilst increasing efficiency.

Buying group members naturally have their preferred ways of presenting product data to their customers. So, whilst a PIM system will hold and send the ‘master’ copy of each product’s data, members can customise it to meet their needs. For example, some might wish to present technical data sheets in Excel format and others as PDFs. Members might also have a preferred way to present prices and product descriptions, or number their SKUs. Sophisticated PIM solutions make all this possible.

Once a member has received the product data they need from the buying group’s PIM system, it’s an easy step to distribute this across all their preferred sales channels and marketing tools. PIM extensions such as Proplanet AutoPub offer even more functionality, enabling the categorisation of products and the creation of online and offline sales assets such as printed catalogues and online flip-books. Each member has the freedom to create and implement the channel-specific marketing strategy that’s right for their business.

Many buying groups operate internationally, which requires a solution that can handle multiple currencies and languages, and localised expectations for how product data is formatted and presented. Modern PIM solutions are fully geared-up to enable internalisation, reducing operational complexities as well as time-to-market for new territories.

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