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Why do they need a PIM system?

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s more important than ever to provide customers with detailed and accurate product data across all sales and marketing channels. That’s where a PIM comes in useful.

Top 5 benefits of a PIM for Sales & Marketing Teams

On top of the distribution of accurate product data across all sales and marketing channels, it’s essential for product launches, changes, updates and withdrawals to be actioned quickly and efficiently. Without a PIM, these tasks become both complicated and risky.

These are the main five benefits of a PIM system for marketing and sales teams.

Uploading product information manually to multiple online sales channels is time-consuming with a high risk of error. Solutions such as the Proplanet PIM take the pain away by quickly distributing information automatically to all the company’s preferred channels, from their own webshop to third party vendors and social media platforms. The integration of a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system also enables assets such as images, videos, data sheets, price lists and so on to be distributed simultaneously.

Keeping all product information centrally in a PIM, rather than fragmented across different formats and systems, makes it faster and easier to make products available to customers at the point of sale. Accurate data is readily available, removing the need to chase manufacturers or wholesalers for the information. With reduced times-to-market, your company could be the first to communicate new products, categories and brands and/or launch into new markets or territories – resulting in higher search engine rankings and a genuine competitive edge.

Once a company’s product data has been categorised within the PIM, it can be used to create online brochures, page-turning flip-books, data sheets and price lists. Printed catalogues can also be produced, thanks to integrations with software such as Adobe InDesign. It’s fast and easy to create valuable sales and marketing assets, which can be used by customers and internal teams alike. The data will always be accurate and consistent, as it’s drawn directly from the PIM.

For Sales & Marketing teams looking to create new assets, or run complex sales and marketing campaigns, the PIM provides all the necessary background information to inform these. For example, a product’s attributes and technical features can be translated into key messages and benefits for use in online or offline campaigns, with multilingual capabilities available. Moreover, access can be given as needed to both internal teams and external freelancers / agencies to complete the work.

When customers buy different products from the same brand, they expect consistency. That doesn’t just mean features such as packaging design and logos; it also refers to the layout of product information and specifications. A PIM can help with this by standardising this information so that product descriptions, usage instructions and technical data can be found in the same place and in the same format for different products in the same range.

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“A fully end-to-end publishing operation”

Following a thorough needs analysis, Proplanet delivered a fully working Product Information Management (PIM) solution to the goals and requirements as set out by LED Group ROBUS. The setup of the Proplanet PIM included all necessary integrations between the PIM solution and other platforms.

ROBUS is now equipped with a fully end-to-end publishing operation, with Proplanet PIM being its central source of truth for all data and media.

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