The Proplanet PIM

Product Information Management

The Proplanet PIM (also known as Dataprocessor) is a highly efficient and user-friendly Product Information Management (PIM) solution. It supports a range of industry-recognized classification formats used by the B2B and B2C sectors, including ETIM and GS1. With the Proplanet PIM, you can manage, classify, enrich and share product information from one system. This facilitates the adoption of digitalization and lets you sell your products through any combination of online and offline distribution channels.

Key features of the Proplanet PIM

A user-friendly interface with reliable performance

One central, convenient data source for managing your product information

Integrates directly to many back-office systems

Supports a range of industry-recognized classification formats

Centrally managed and hosted in the cloud (SaaS solution)

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The Proplanet PIM

Let us help you manage your ETIM product data

The Proplanet PIM’s open-APIs integrate seamlessly with ERP and ecommerce platforms, as well as data pools such as EDATA and LUCKINSlive. An optional AutoPub & Print module makes it easy to create printed and online product brochures or flip-books, to supplement information provided on ecommerce websites and other digital platforms.

The Proplanet PIM can be configured to meet your precise PIM needs, whether you’re a manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer or buying group. A unique feature is its capacity to store enriched product data for up to 2 million individual SKUs – far more than most of our competitors’ systems, which tend to be limited to around 20,000 SKUs.

This makes the Proplanet PIM ideal for businesses that already have an extensive product range or are looking to scale up quickly.

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The Proplanet PIM - A Single Source of Truth

The Proplanet PIM is a complete, convenient and cost-effective system that can be accessed from any web browser and any location. The central system enables you to easily import, manage, classify, enrich, distribute and share product information throughout your supply chain.

Product information is updated centrally and shared instantly across all digital distribution channels and platforms, so your online data will always be accurate.

Data flow in the Proplanet PIM

Benefits of the Proplanet PIM

The Proplanet PIM offers a wealth of benefits to any B2B or B2C company looking to improve how it manages and shares its product data. These include:

This is a critical ‘must have’ for any business looking to adopt digitalization. Delivering high quality product information will help your customers find and choose the right products. Thanks to the information in your PIM-system, customers can use advanced search and filter options on your website, which helps them find easily find the right product. This in turn drives sales and revenue for your business.

By automating many labour-intensive processes associated with traditional Product Information Management, such as updating information in bulk and quickly resolve errors, the Proplanet PIM can help your business save time, money and resource. In turn, you’ll increase productivity and efficiency levels and boost your bottom line.

As all your master product data, technical attributes etc are centrally stored in a single location rather than separately across multiple platforms, the risk of data errors is reduced. Information can be updated through different systems immediately, whilst integrations with your inventory control systems allow you to use logistic information in your PIM system for your shipments.

The Proplanet PIM offers the capability for multiple users to work together on the platform at the same time. This empowers teams and departments within organizations to work more collaboratively and productively, and fosters improved relationships between manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and buying groups.

Our PIM system is highly flexible, with the option to add new modules such as AutoPub & Print and the text generator if and when you need them. Product messaging can be personalised for different distribution channels as required. For businesses looking to grow, the Proplanet PIM is highly scalable, with market-leading capacity that can handle 2 million individual SKUs.

Take advantage of new digital platforms as they emerge and expand your business into new markets with the Proplanet PIM. The system’s open-APIs are designed to support omnichannel marketing strategies and help you quickly add new product ranges and routes to market as opportunities open up.

Improved product data and accuracy naturally lead to fewer product returns and less waste. This is great news for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers looking to cut their carbon footprint as well as lower the cost of fuel and packing materials. Eco-friendly and sustainable credentials are increasingly important to businesses and consumers alike.


Get even more out of your Proplanet PIM with these extensions.

Digital Asset Management

Our Digital Asset Management (DAM) system is integrated in the Proplanet PIM to provide centralised storage and management of all the digital assets and media files you need to promote your products. These include images, videos, logo, banners, adverts, price lists, data sheets, manuals and so on.


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Integrated with the Proplanet PIM to link assets with products
Enables fast and efficient browsing, retrieval and sharing of assets
Advanced hierarchical and search filter capabilities
Integrates with other systems through open-APIs

Autopub & Catalogue Publishing

AutoPub is an optional module that you can choose alongside a Proplanet PIM and DAM. It enables you to manage all your product categories, including subdivisions, images, attachments and text, within one system. You can then create and apply these categories directly to your website navigation, mobile apps or print-ready applications.


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Structure data for both on- and offline use
Target individual customer segments
Make it easier to navigate through your product categories
Put your product offering right there on a prospective customer's desk

Product eXperience Portal

If you want to make all product data available carrying your own branding, in a user-friendly way, within and outside of your organisation, our PXP (Product eXperience Portal) is an extremely useful addition to your PIM. This portal is exactly what your suppliers, buyers and employees need!


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View, edit and export product data
User-friendly interface
Manage roles and permissions per user group
Dashboards with information about data quality

Text generator

The text generator within the Proplanet PIM system allows you to create multilingual product descriptions based on ETIM class and specifications. Furthermore, this module can generate product titles, product labels and url’s for you, all in multiple languages.


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Preview is immediately visible
New product descriptions at the push of a button
Ideal for multilingual product descriptions
Formula builder for personalised results

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