PIM Consultancy

At Proplanet we are happy to help you with the onboarding of your new PIM, DAM or e-commerce system. However, even before and after the implementation, our PIM consultants are happy to help you picking the right software, onboard new employees or set up data imports and exports.

Expert advise

Our standard service contains onboarding support with the implementation of our PIM and DAM systems. However, we want you to optimally use these systems after the implementation as well. For this purpose, our PIM consultants are at your disposal to offer you PIM consultancy. The can help you coordinate your organisation’s roadmap with Proplanet’s roadmap, onboard new employees, take over communication with implementation partners, set up import and export formats, im- and export data to and from data pools, set up product catalogs and dashboards, or give a demonstration of all Proplanet’s systems and services within your organisation.

Before the implementation of our PIM system, our consultants will support you in choosing the right package, selecting the right software and demonstrating the software. This is our way to help you digitalise your company.

One of the most neglected processes on which our consultants can advise you, is setting up a mapping contract. This contract is a very important basis to set up connections with, for instance, your ERP-system, a data pool or data exchange with external parties.

Set up API and sync connections
Set up a mapping contract
Set up import and export formats
Set up data dashboards
Create or review the PIM/DAM roadmap

Schedule a consult

Schedule a consult with Proplanet

During a consult, we discuss everything that’s important to help your organisation move forward. We do not only look back on the previous period, but we also look out for new opportunities. We evaluate your current PIM package and the modules that you use. We align your roadmap with ours. We plan tangible actions to bring both your organisation and your product information to a higher level. In this way, our PIM consultancy adds value by getting the most out of your PIM system.

We also discuss recent and unresolved support tickets. We will take the outcomes of the consult into account in the development of our software, so that we can adapt the software where possible and relevant.

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