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At Proplanet, we believe in not just offering a product. We strive to help you get the best of our PIM solution, by offering consultancy, help with onboarding, data collection services and trainings.

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We are happy to help you maximise the benefits of our PIM system. To get you started, we will oversee the technical implementation of our PIM. We can help you collect data from different sources and import it in the Proplanet PIM system. Furthermore, we provide custom trainings for your employees and we have a Proplanet Academy.


Whether you’re a manufacturer, wholesaler, merchant or distributor, you’ll doubtless have your own individual set of implementation and onboarding requirements for your new Proplanet PIM solution and your chosen extensions. Your dedicated Proplanet consultant will oversee the technical implementation of our PIM from start to finish.

Data services

Your product information might currently be held in an ERP, CMS, Excel or PDFs... Not to worry: we'll carry out a thorough data cleansing and normalising process before we migrate the newly-cleaned and accurate data into your Proplanet PIM.

Support & training

Getting your new PIM system and its extensions up and running is just the beginning. The expert team at Proplanet will be on hand to provide technical support should any issues arise as well as practical advice, support and training to help you iron out any problems and fully understand how to leverage all the features and benefits of your new technology.

Project management

If investing in a PIM is part of a wider project to digitalise how you run your business, Proplanet are here to help. Your new Proplanet PIM will form the hub of a new suite of systems that work together to deliver high quality information to your customers in their preferred format.


At Proplanet we are happy to help you with the onboarding of your new PIM, DAM or e-commerce system. However, even before and after the implementation, our consultants are happy to help you picking the right software, onboard new employees or set up data imports and exports.

Proplanet Academy

Proplanet academy

Although we strive to keep our PIM as intuitive and easy to use as possible, the system holds a lot of different options and possibilities. To help you understand how the Proplanet PIM works, we’ve set up Proplanet Academy, containing many tutorials and courses on how to use the PIM.
In our Proplanet Academy, you get a deeper dive into various topics, best practices and specific modules of the PIM system.

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The PIM software and Proplanet's employees are efficient, dynamic and they develop their software in congruency with the ever-changing data demands."

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