Product eXperience Portal (PXP)

If you want to make alle productdata available in a customer-friendly way, either within or outside your organisation, our PXP (Product eXperience Portal) is a nice addition! This portal is exactly what suppliers, customers and employees not directly involved with product management need, without the need to be experienced PIM-users.

A user-friendly data portal

Product syndication with our PIM system

In our PIM and DAM systems, your companies’ stock managers and data processors can manage all available productinformation for all your products. Although the options in these systems are numerous, they are also quite complex and cumbersome to use, especially for those who don’t use the PIM and DAM on a daily basis. So, if you want to make product data available in a more intuitive way and in your own branding, our PXP (Product eXperience Portal) is a great addition. The PXP is easy to use by anyone within or outside your organisation. This makes the PXP the perfect portal for your suppliers, customers and employees to find the information they are looking for, without the need to train them.

Our Product Experience Portal uses the data within the Proplanet PIM and DAM systems. It allows you to give permissions to different user groups to view, export, or edit your data based on their allocated role. Each role has its own set of permissions and available data. Moreover, the PXP allows you to view reports on the quality of the data in your PIM and DAM.

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