ETIM xChange intergrated in Proplanet PIM

As the successor to DICO and BMECat, the international ETIM xChange format represents a milestone in data exchange standardisation, developed by ETIM International in collaboration with leading companies, including Proplanet.

ETIM xChange is supported by Proplanet

ETIM xChange integrated in Proplanet PIM

At Proplanet, we have been actively working on improving functionality and streamlining processes during the beta period. We are therefore proud to announce that from mid-April, we will support version 1.0 of the ETIM xChange format in our Proplanet PIM system.

What does this mean for our users? The new format is seamlessly integrated with the standard components of Proplanet PIM. As a result, we can guarantee a smooth and efficient transition to the new format. But it doesn’t stop there. Our users also have the ability to manage the export and import fields themselves, allowing these fields to be adapted to specific business processes. This means that the same format can be used both regionally and internationally, while still meeting the unique needs of each company.

In the coming period, we will continue to improve the new format with various version upgrades, ensuring that any teething problems are quickly resolved. At Proplanet, we are closely monitoring progress and changes so that we can respond quickly to new developments.

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