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  • ftp client

    ftp client

  • user roles

    user roles

  • ftp client
  • user roles

​​​​​​​Digital Asset Management in 4 steps

Saving, searching, editing and sharing of digital assets are brought together in one system. This makes it easier to manage and share them. 




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want to know more about EezyBridge?

Want to know more about EezyBridge? Visit us at www.eezybridge.com, sent your E-mail to info@eezybridge.com or call +31 (0)73 513 06 37.
Try out EezyBridge 2 weeks for free and discover the advantages of Digital Asset Management with EezyBridge!
with the free trial you can try out EezyBridge 2 weeks for free. You get 1GB storage and access for one user. You can upload, search, filter, modify and share assets. After 2 weeks the free trial will stop automatically, unless you decide to purchase a subscription. Do you want to get to know EezyBridge quickly? Please contact us for the free trial.



what's new?




29 January 2018


Assign user rights


It is not new that different rights can be assigned to different users in EezyBridge. But now different rights per user can be assigned for each collection seperately.
This comes in handy when for example different users work for different product lines. Furthermore the number of shown assets per user is limited which makes the visual search easier.


For more information please contact us viasales@eezybridge.comor+31(0)73 5130637





7 January 2018


Try EezyBridge 2 weeks for free


EezyBridge offers 1 system to search, modify, use, and share digital assets.
Would you like to try EezyBridge? Request your demo version now.
The demo version gives 1 user the right to use the basic version of EezyBridge up to 1 GB storage capacity. After 2 weeks your assets and data will be automatically deleted.


12 December 2017


New in EezyBridge: FTP client


With an FTP client (File Transfer Protocol) you connect to an FTP-server, which enables you to receive files from that server and send files to that server.
With the FTP client in EezyBridge you can upload your assets directly and safely from your own browser. Especially when you upload a large amount of assets this comes in very handy and moreover much faster.


For more information please contact us viasales@eezybridge.comor+31(0)73 5130637